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What’s your motivation?

My car had to go to the garage for some repair work that ended up taking 24 days to do.  Thankfully the insurance provided a hire car for this period.  Now, I have an older Ford Focus that is comfortable … Continue reading

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Breaking a kata into steps

Sometimes we get so focused on the whole form of a kata or throwing technique that we forget the importance of being precise in the elements that make it up. Continue reading

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When nothing stops you

I have a neighbour, let’s call him Alun, who loves road cycling.  He rarely takes part in any competitive cycling but everyday he is out on his bike cycling the roads of the UK.  And I mean every single day.  … Continue reading

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And in other news

There are multiple direct benefits from learning a martial art.  I’m sure most of you reading this will acknowledge at least one item from the following common list. Self defence Increased self-confidence Greater patience Becoming a better person in general … Continue reading

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