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Developing the mental approach in response to an attack

I was delighted to read this article about one of my former aikido instructors, Sensei Danielle Smith.  She was recently promoted to the rank of 7th Dan by the International Hombu Dojo. This rank reflects her long dedication to learning … Continue reading

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What’s your motivation?

My car had to go to the garage for some repair work that ended up taking 24 days to do.  Thankfully the insurance provided a hire car for this period.  Now, I have an older Ford Focus that is comfortable … Continue reading

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All women Aikido class

Our dojo has decided to host an all women’s Aikido class.  Why are we doing this? Firstly, women are a minority in most martial arts schools.  Those of us that are training often wish there were more women to train … Continue reading

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Reblog: “”Looking away from your opponent” in traditional forms

This is an interesting post from The Way of Least Resistance on focusing in on the imaginary opponent.  It ties in nicely with something that has been ticking in the back of my mind this week.  

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Iaido ain’t slow!

It’s not fast either. Recently I have had no less than three aikidoka say to me, “iaido – that’s slow, isn’t it?”  I assume they have all been on the same seminar and somebody imparted this pearl of wisdom, which … Continue reading

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Handling mistakes

Imagine yourself performing a technique. It can be a solo kata, or it can be paired exercise where you are attempting to throw someone or put a lock on them. But you make a mistake. You fluff the technique and … Continue reading

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Brain=yes, body=no

A three day seminar of Iaido may have moved my sword work forward a little but it left my knees extremely battered!  Almost as battered as my boken from doing tachiuchi no kurai (the paired exercises we do) which is … Continue reading

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Hip hip hurrah!

Martial artists know the importance of instigating movement from the hips (or your centre). The body creates strong movement from the hips, it prevents an over-reliance on upper-body strength. Continue reading

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Stalled and stumbling

So I’ve hit that point which, without doubt, I will encounter over and over again on my journey through learning aikido and jiu jitsu.  At this moment in time “that point” is occurring in aikido.  Experienced martial artists will nod … Continue reading

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Martial art priorities: part 1

I’m a PhD candidate at a UK University.  The other day I was marching across campus to attend a meeting with my supervisor.  There were numerous doors from one building to the next and along the way I managed to … Continue reading

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Your best Iaido/Jitsu/Aikido happens when you’re tired?

What ever martial art you do there must have been the first time your sensei/teacher pushed you to the limits until you were physically tired and barely able to lift your arms to block, or find the energy to think … Continue reading

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Breaking a kata into steps

Sometimes we get so focused on the whole form of a kata or throwing technique that we forget the importance of being precise in the elements that make it up. Continue reading

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Am I practising it right?

Is my practise outside the dojo a help or a hindrance? Is it better to accumulate mistakes during your own practise or should you wait until you are in the dojo to make them? Continue reading

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Furikaburi to Kirioroshi

Two kihon of iaido Continue reading

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International Women’s Day

A very quickly written post.  Today is International Women’s Day.  The Internal Aikdio Federation is using it to promote and encourage woman in aikido – #AikidoWomen. I strongly feel that any traditional martial art is beneficial for women (I know … Continue reading

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