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Martial art priorities: part 1

I’m a PhD candidate at a UK University.  The other day I was marching across campus to attend a meeting with my supervisor.  There were numerous doors from one building to the next and along the way I managed to … Continue reading

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Your best Iaido/Jitsu/Aikido happens when you’re tired?

What ever martial art you do there must have been the first time your sensei/teacher pushed you to the limits until you were physically tired and barely able to lift your arms to block, or find the energy to think … Continue reading

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Breaking a kata into steps

Sometimes we get so focused on the whole form of a kata or throwing technique that we forget the importance of being precise in the elements that make it up. Continue reading

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Am I practising it right?

Is my practise outside the dojo a help or a hindrance? Is it better to accumulate mistakes during your own practise or should you wait until you are in the dojo to make them? Continue reading

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Furikaburi to Kirioroshi

Two kihon of iaido Continue reading

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International Women’s Day

A very quickly written post.  Today is International Women’s Day.  The Internal Aikdio Federation is using it to promote and encourage woman in aikido – #AikidoWomen. I strongly feel that any traditional martial art is beneficial for women (I know … Continue reading

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Blog from Kai Morgan: Discover your Depths – Seven insights for martial artists from a world record-holding freediver

I am loving this blog post from Kai Morgan! “Your body is the vehicle for your soul to touch, taste, smell, feel and have amazing experiences. The reason we know our truth in any given moment is because we feel … Continue reading

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Leave the ego at the door

Ego – def. a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. Saying someone has a large ego or a super-ego is generally meant as an insult yet arguably we need some ego in order to keep functioning in daily life.  Lack … Continue reading

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Practise, practise, practise

An interesting article on the benefits of practising iaido alone. Continue reading

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Martial arts, druids and everyday life

What does modern day druidry and martial arts have in common? More than you think. Continue reading

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Child protection

The UK has recently been made aware of historic child sex abuse in football, but sadly it would seem that football is not the only sport where this has happened.  While we have currently legal measures in place to vet … Continue reading

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When is a retreat not a retreat?

Even on the defence you can be launching an attack Continue reading

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When can I be scary?

Two new people joined our iaido school last month, which means I am no longer the very bottom of the class. Which also means when we line up at the start and end of the class I need to be … Continue reading

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When nothing stops you

I have a neighbour, let’s call him Alun, who loves road cycling.  He rarely takes part in any competitive cycling but everyday he is out on his bike cycling the roads of the UK.  And I mean every single day.  … Continue reading

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Sitting on the side of the mats

A fellow blogger has discovered that sitting on the side of the mats watching other people practice is a good use of time. What Do You See?

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