My background

My introduction to martial arts occurred relatively late in life.  Initially I trained in the Scandinavian system Stav but due to the distance from where I lived to the classes it meant regular training was not possible.  A chance remark saw me becoming involved in Japanese Jiu Jitsu. It was an instant love affair!  I seemed to spend more evenings on the mat than off.  I was fortunate to have some wonderful instructors and training partners.

But in 2013 I moved and this meant I was unable to continue training full time – history was repeating itself.  By this stage I was very much hooked on Japanese martial arts, so I took up Aikido.  In 2014 I spent ten weeks working in California.  During that time I trained four to five times a week in Aikido with Aikido of Monterey, which provided me with a chance to practice some basic boken and jo-staff techniques.

In October 2014 I resumed my Jitsu studies, while also maintaining my Aikido. Life is never straight forward and in March 2016 I suffered a back injury (unrelated to martial arts!) which currently curtails my heavier training. Undetered I have taken up classical Japanese Swordmanship.

I practice Jitsu, Aikido and swordwork because I enjoy them.  The day this ceases to be is the day I hang up my gi and stay off the mat.

Purpose of this blog

This blog is a record of various thoughts I have related to training.  I post links to it from my Google Plus page.  This allows me to:

  1. Engage with people who have more experience than myself (which is probably most martial art people!) and learn from them, and
  2. Find other people who, like myself, have become passionate about their chosen martial art.

I am not claiming to be an expert in any of the views I offer, and I am more than welcome to have my thoughts challenged.  Due to a high level of spam I keep comments closed on the blog itself, but please feel free to come over to Google Plus and join some of the martial art communities on there.


Updated October 2016


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