People taking pictures during training are uncommon, but as and when they become available I’ll post them up.

Cardiff Aiuchi Jitsu ClassCardiff Aiuchi Jitsu Club, June 2013

It was a hot day, we’d been moved from our dojo to the sports hall which had no ventilation, so the Dans had ditched their hakama. I love this photo for the grins we all bear, a consequence of the post-training high which seems to occur from being bounced off the mat for two hours.


Nationals2013 Aiuchi Jitsu Nationals at High Wycome, UK

With thanks to Kate Milledge for the photo.  Nationals allow all the clubs in our organisation to come together and train for two days.  Time training off the mat (ie, in the bar) is considered a bonding expereince.  But failure to reappear on the mat the next day because of excess is NOT an option!


Ezra 2014

Chester Aikido club and visitors with Terry Ezra Shihan, January 2014.


Aikido of Monterey at the Obon Festival, July 2014

June to August 2014 sees me moving out to California for a ten week research placement.  Ten weeks without martial arts training is a long time, so I was delighted to discover an Aikido club affiliated to the Hombu Dojo.  Here are some of the aikidoka just prior to the demonstration we gave for the 2014 Obon Festival.



Shiroi Bara Dojo (iaido), December 2016

Here we all at the end of a short training session just before we go off for our club Christmas dinner.  One of the few sessions were I didn’t end up with splinters in my feet from the wooden floorboards.