When nothing stops you

I have a neighbour, let’s call him Alun, who loves road cycling.  He rarely takes part in any competitive cycling but everyday he is out on his bike cycling the roads of the UK.  And I mean every single day.  No matter the weather.  In fact Alun loves cycling so much he recently cycled across the UK, caught the ferry to France and then cycled some more in France in order to start a European cycling holiday,  When the holiday was complete Alun cycled back to his home in the UK.  His friends thought him bonkers but part of me understands why he chose to do that.

I remember the love I felt for ju-jitsu from day one and how nothing would stop me attending as many training sessions as I could.  Other commitments were made low priority, work and social life revolved getting to the dojo on time.  Even with my current back injury I have to forcibly remind myself that I must not train until the back is better.  Short term training loss vs. long-term health gain.

This week I found I had developed a passion for my Japanese sword art (Eishen-ryu).  What had started as something to fill in the gap while my back issues prevent me from training in jitsu has now started to fill my thoughts.  Each day I find myself thinking about the katas, practising my stances and/or practising how I hold the weapon.  I want to do better.  I want to keep training.  Roll on the next teaching session!.

Studies into attitudes regarding exercise show that most people understand exercise is important for their health, but conversely they know they don’t do enough of it.  Reasons given for lack of exercise include the following.

  • Time constraints.
  • Health issues
  • Poor location.
  • Lack of knowledge.
  • No one to train with.

Let’s have a look at these reasons.

  1. If you have enough time to stare at the TV for an hour each day then you have enough time to go out and do exercise at least once a week.
  2. Don’t think that because you have health issue or disability that this precludes you from exercise.  Many things are adaptable be it team or solo sports.  Try something, ask the instructor, research on the internet to see what others have done(*).  Maybe you can’t be the rugby halfback but chances are there is something more suited.
  3. Miles from any sports facilities without any transport?  Walk, jog, follow YouTube videos on yoga, Pilates or hula-hooping.
  4. Try not to be put off going to a gym or a sports for the first time, everyone in there was new at some point. Tell people you are new and you will be surprised how friendly they are.  People who have a passion for their exercise want to share the love!
  5. Don’t be frightened to try other activities if the one you are doing feels a drag.  Just because aqua-aerobics was not for you then it doesn’t mean you will not enjoy water-polo or just swimming 20 lengths of the pool each week.

I honestly feel that if you find a sport or form of exercise that you love and feel the same passion for that Alun and I do for our then exercise happens not because you feel it’s good for your health but because you genuinely enjoy what you do and want to do it better.  Go and try something today because until you do you wont know how fun you find it.

(*) Check out this blog.  The Karate Kickin’ Dwarf.

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