Other MA blogs

Here are some other MA related blogs that I read and I think you might enjoy.

A good online acquaintance of mine who practises a Fillipino Martial Art, which is very different to what I know.   The Stick Chick –  Musings of a middle aged modern Arnisadora

Karate based, but that doesn’t stop me enjoying Karate by Jesse.

Back to the Jiu Jitsu and Aikido we have the very good Martial Thoughts – Random thoughts and ideas presented on martial arts.  This one also includes a podcast.

The Martial Arts Women has recently come to my attention. From an initial reluctance to get involved, to become an instructor and teaching her own program in Tang Soo Do.

The Karate Kickin’ Dwarf.  Karate and jiu jitsu based.  In his own words.  “I am a dwarf. I do martial arts. Instead of dwarf tossing, the dwarf tosses you.”