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Sweat and tears

Yesterday I spent a happy half hour in jitsu practising groundwork techniques.  The good points were: Matched with someone who was good training partner.  (He was more skilled but lighter than me, so it all balanced out.) Progression of technique.  … Continue reading

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When anticipation turns to dread

Ever had this moment?  You happily set off to train at the dojo, eager to go and do your best or learn something new, but as you approach the doors you find yourself thinking, “please can Bob not be there.”  … Continue reading

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Knock me out

Two events happened during jitsu training yesterday which led to the creation of this post. 1) I went in to punch someone, whose resultant block caused me to punch myself in my own mouth.  My punch was admittedly sloppy and … Continue reading

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Time limitations.

I am moving.  Again!  Well, more returning to the city where I started to learn jiu jitsu, and this has raised a small dilemma in my mind. There are two active aikido clubs in the area, one of which is … Continue reading

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Time to learn

For 16 years I worked as an engineer on merchant ships.  Mostly tankers, which saw me away from home for up to five months at a time.  The work was physical, it was frequently carried out in temperatures exceeding 40 … Continue reading

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Introducing myself

Hello, I started training in martial arts relatively late in life.  Initially I trained in the Scandinavian system Stav  but due to the distance from where I lived to the classes it meant regular training was not possible.  A … Continue reading

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