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Developing the mental approach in response to an attack

I was delighted to read this article about one of my former aikido instructors, Sensei Danielle Smith.  She was recently promoted to the rank of 7th Dan by the International Hombu Dojo. This rank reflects her long dedication to learning … Continue reading

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What’s your motivation?

My car had to go to the garage for some repair work that ended up taking 24 days to do.  Thankfully the insurance provided a hire car for this period.  Now, I have an older Ford Focus that is comfortable … Continue reading

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Reblog: “”Looking away from your opponent” in traditional forms

This is an interesting post from The Way of Least Resistance on focusing in on the imaginary opponent.  It ties in nicely with something that has been ticking in the back of my mind this week.  

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Blog from Kai Morgan: Discover your Depths – Seven insights for martial artists from a world record-holding freediver

I am loving this blog post from Kai Morgan! “Your body is the vehicle for your soul to touch, taste, smell, feel and have amazing experiences. The reason we know our truth in any given moment is because we feel … Continue reading

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Practise, practise, practise

An interesting article on the benefits of practising iaido alone. Continue reading

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When is a retreat not a retreat?

Even on the defence you can be launching an attack Continue reading

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Sitting on the side of the mats

A fellow blogger has discovered that sitting on the side of the mats watching other people practice is a good use of time. What Do You See?

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Kote gaeshi

Kote gaeshi is a popular wrist lock in both jitsu and aikido.  Both those martial arts teach a “jump out” from the lock.  Dan Djurdjevic has explained a range of counter- techniques from a kote gaeshi application in his blog.  … Continue reading

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Love of martial arts

Why do I practice martial arts?  Principally because I find it fun.  The very first time I stepped into a dojo saw me hooked on jitsu.  For eight months I trained six to eight hours a week because I loved … Continue reading

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It has been the Easter break here in the UK.  While I don’t observe Easter, plenty of others do and consequently training has been on hold the past week.  So I shall use this lull in training to draw your … Continue reading

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Aikido and Movies!

Originally posted on Tenrokan Aikido Dojo:
Jokingly we were discussing the connection between Aikido and the movies as I pointed out Obata Sensei played the villain in the Ninja Turtle Movies. Well in life he’s very much the real deal. …

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Guest post: Linking Punctuation and Martial Arts

Well it was an honour to guest blog on The Word Hen’s blog this week.  Who would have ever thought that linking punctuation and martial arts together was possible?  I like a challenge!  The post can be viewed here. For … Continue reading

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Focus is not fixation

Originally posted on Who is Randy's Blog:
This is to add on to my earlier blog post on Supernormal Stimulus. Well, when one is supernormal stimulated, one gets fixated. When one gets fixated, we lose focus. Being focused and…

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