Well if you can’t laugh at your own martial art then you lack the right to laugh at anyone elses!  Here are some websites, YouTube clips and cartoons which make me smile.

Fudebakudo: The way of the exploding pen. Cartoons, origami slippers, a martial arts quiz to name but a few.

Fudebakudo: Does it work?

Aikido humour:  A vast resource on all things Aikido, including a lot of pages devoted to stuff to make you smile.

Master Ken, Enter the Dojo: The say if you don’t know a Master Ken at your dojo, it probably means you are Master Ken.  A comedy series about martial art schools.  I’ve added one clip below, but follow the link for plenty more.

Cafe press t-shirts: Don’t just keep the funny stuff on your computer, get it printed on a t-shirt (or even your underpants) and wear with pride.

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More links will be added, come back soon!