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I have been thinking a great deal about adaptability in martial arts of late.  Every modern martial art has evolved over the years, no style has remained static.  Of the martial arts I practise it is a requirement for the … Continue reading

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Falling with grace

Feedback Firstly, thank you to all that gave me feedback on my last post over on Google Plus.  Your comments have been helpful in many ways, and I hope to write a follow up article on the matter. Falling On … Continue reading

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Be careful what you wish for

I have had to take a break from training this week, due to my lack of reactions while practising my aikido at the weekend.  It was a small class, just the four of us and sensei.  With me were two … Continue reading

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And in other news

There are multiple direct benefits from learning a martial art.  I’m sure most of you reading this will acknowledge at least one item from the following common list. Self defence Increased self-confidence Greater patience Becoming a better person in general … Continue reading

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A tale of two gradings

What happened? Within the space of six days I attempted to grade in Jitsu and Aikido, in that order. Jitsu notes vs Aikido notes Jitsu: Kyu grades from 8th to 1st.  I went into the grading a 6th kyu. Aikido: … Continue reading

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Assurance about insurance?

Last year I ran into a slight problem.  I am going to be vague with the club details, but to cut a long story short I discovered that this club was teaching without insurance.  Now for some people this may … Continue reading

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