All women Aikido class

Our dojo has decided to host an all women’s Aikido class.  Why are we doing this?

Firstly, women are a minority in most martial arts schools.  Those of us that are training often wish there were more women to train with.  It’s not that we are frightened of the men, normally they are frightened of us!  It’s because we love what we do and we have felt and seen the benefits our martial art brings.  We want to share that joy with our fellow females!

By hosting this class we hope to attract new women who may have felt shy walking through the dojo door, dreading a room full of muscled men.  Then if they come along to the main class they can feel more at ease in the new environment.

Secondly, martial arts do differ slightly for women.  By bringing together a room full of women of different experiences we can share what has helped us and has probably never occurred to a male teacher.   This can be how to wear your gi and obi.  It can be how to take break-falls, our bone structure means there are minor differences in how to land safely.  It can how to deal with the odd man who thinks, “no women can put me in an arm-lock.”  (Oh yes we can!)  And it’s to show that we have just as much a range of styles – soft, fast, hard – as men!

If you know people living in north Wales, Chester or Manchester areas then feel free to share the information with them.


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