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Am I practising it right?

Is my practise outside the dojo a help or a hindrance? Is it better to accumulate mistakes during your own practise or should you wait until you are in the dojo to make them? Continue reading

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Good course?

I like to go on courses relating my martial arts.  You train with different people. you learn different ways of looking at known techniques, you learn new techniques, and you have a lot of fun with people who also enjoy … Continue reading

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When does push become pull?

I have previously mentioned the perils of training with someone who continually over-steps the levels at which you feel confident at training at, but sometimes this a good thing.  So what is it that differentiates the partner you train with … Continue reading

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Time limitations.

I am moving.  Again!  Well, more returning to the city where I started to learn jiu jitsu, and this has raised a small dilemma in my mind. There are two active aikido clubs in the area, one of which is … Continue reading

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Yesterday I accompanied a friend to watch a kyudo class.  I wasn’t interested in taking up kyudo myself, pulling a bow with a shoulder injury is never a good idea, but my friend was curious and I agreed to be … Continue reading

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The Dawning Wonder of Weapon Work

When you consider that at least three of the instructors I am training under in California hold rank of shodan (1st dan) or above in Iaido (Japanese sword work) or other weaponry, then it is not surprising that a good … Continue reading

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Dojo Discipline

Dojo discipline, it would appear, is a touchy subject. Firstly on the existence of it, and secondly on how it is administered. Last year I was on a course which spent part of the afternoon training with a boken. Not … Continue reading

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Mixed up abomination

What is this abomination?! I admit I became a little snobbish when I saw a martial art school recently advertising in my area.  “Little bit of everything, specialising in nothing,” I sneered to my companion. I know I’m not alone … Continue reading

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Be careful what you wish for

I have had to take a break from training this week, due to my lack of reactions while practising my aikido at the weekend.  It was a small class, just the four of us and sensei.  With me were two … Continue reading

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Home is where the jitsu dojo is

I miss training regularly in Jiu Jitsu. I haven’t been to my jitsu dojo for over a month, the current distance makes it too far away to go there and back in a night. But it was tonight, as I … Continue reading

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Oh get a grip!

“Sorry, I’m not at my best.  We had to leave home at half five this morning in order to come to this course.”  These were the words spoken to me after a fellow jitsuka failed to block a relatively slow … Continue reading

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