Martial art priorities: part 1

I’m a PhD candidate at a UK University.  The other day I was marching across campus to attend a meeting with my supervisor.  There were numerous doors from one building to the next and along the way I managed to slam a heavy fire door into the little finger of my left hand.  I immediately rushed to the kitchen and applied cold water and ice in an attempt to reduce the swelling.

Consequently I was five minutes late for my meeting.

When I walked into the supervisors office I explained the reason for my lateness, and finished it with, “this is a disaster, I’m going to struggle to do my iaido practice.”  (The left hand and the tension and release of the left finger is a major part of the control of the sword.)

My supervisor frowned.  “Never mind that, can you still type to write code and complete the report?”

Well that aspect hadn’t even crossed my mind!

Eventually I spluttered the reply, “well, I can type with one hand, but I can’t cut a sword with one hand.”

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