Sweat and tears

Yesterday I spent a happy half hour in jitsu practising groundwork techniques.  The good points were:

  • Matched with someone who was good training partner.  (He was more skilled but lighter than me, so it all balanced out.)
  • Progression of technique.  The instructor started off with the basics and then went through the, “so if you can’t do that, try this.”  By the end of the half hour we had five potential responses to one ground lock.
  • It’s always good fun rolling around doing groundwork.

The bad point?  The guy I was with clearly hadn’t washed his gi (training gear) for quite a while.  Every time he locked me in a choke I was nearly tapping out from the smell!  It was only the quality of the groundwork that stopped me from calling a halt to the fun and games.

Jitsu is a physical activity and everyone gets sweaty.   BUT, there’s a heck of a difference between sweat that is two hours old and sweat that is two months old.  The former is OK, the later is disgusting, especially in a martial art where you spend a lot of time in very close proximity.  I have, on two occasions, flatly refused to train with people whose old sweaty gi’s were…. enough to bring tears to the eyes.

If you’re reading this and shrugging saying, “well, no one has complained,” that’s NO EXCUSE!  Even if you can’t wash your training gear between one session and the next then at least haul it out the bag and hang it up to air.  Better still, buy a second kit so you can wash one and wear one.  After all, do you really want to be that person no one trains with?

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