Love of martial arts

Why do I practice martial arts?  Principally because I find it fun.  The very first time I stepped into a dojo saw me hooked on jitsu.  For eight months I trained six to eight hours a week because I loved it so much.  When I had to move house then one of the first things I did was find another dojo.  A work placement abroad saw a similar occurrence.

To be able to block an attack and throw or pin someone who is twice your body mass is both liberating and fun.  To be able to safely land, without injury, from a throw awakens something in me.  The development of a close group of friends with whom I literally trust to safeguard my health and life is something special.

If you’re thinking of trying out any martial art, I would say go and try.  The only way to find out if the same love for martial arts resides in you is by experiencing it first hand.

Want to know why other people practice martial arts?  Perhaps they might inspire you. Check out the following.

Brain Johns
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