Time limitations.

I am moving.  Again!  Well, more returning to the city where I started to learn jiu jitsu, and this has raised a small dilemma in my mind. There are two active aikido clubs in the area, one of which is part of the organisation I currently train with and one of which is attached to the university. I would like to train with both, partly because I feel it would help enhance my aikido and partly because I like to meet different people. On top of this is the opportunity to return to my beloved jiu jitsu.

I am doing a Masters in geology in the next coming academic year.  I know from talking to other people that this becomes very consuming on your time.  It is not just a 9-5 degree, it is one which requires evening and weekend work in order to do well.  And I like to do well.

So suddenly a huge conflict exists for demands on my time.  Ideally I would like to:
1) Go to aikido club A, classes are twice a week.
2) Go to aikido club B, classes are three times a week.  One of which is taught by an aikidoka whose courses I have attended and really enjoyed.
3) Got to jiu jitsu, classes are three times a week.
4) Gain good grades in my Masters.
5) See my family now and then!
6) Eat and sleep.

The last one is essential, so I shall have to work around that.  You can’t ditch family.  My entire point of being at University is to do my Masters.  So everything else will have to shunt around that.  I am mentally telling myself that I can attend a maximum of three four classes a week.

I am actually feeling conflicted.  Should I spread myself thin and try and do a little bit of each?  Should I shrug my shoulders and resign myself to the loss of something?  Is it best if I pause the aikido, because I can pick it up again in ten months, despite being on the verge of going up a grade?  The trouble is I love them all, but I cannot have them all.

There is no glib answer or phrase at the end of this one.  I think over time the answer will become clear.  Maybe my shoulder injury will flare up again with the jitsu.  Maybe I’ll struggle with a style of teaching from someone else.  I shall have to wait and see.

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