Focus is not fixation

I liked this blog entry from Who is Randy. Without doubt there is a difference between focus and fixation. In the later it means we close our minds to other possible actions we can take. I’m not saying I’m anywhere close to fully understanding and applying this concept myself (or even part way there to be honest), but I feel it is good to be aware that such differences exist.

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This is to add on to my earlier blog post on Supernormal Stimulus.

Well, when one is supernormal stimulated, one gets fixated. When one gets fixated, we lose focus.

Being focused and being fixated is like looking at the ocean and looking at a glass filled with water from the ocean.

Aikido is the ocean, techniques of Aikido is like the proverbial glass full of ocean’s water. (No I’m not going into the half full glass, half empty glass, optimism/ pessimism crap)

Fixated is when we get too  caught up trying to deal with our attacker, and trying to ‘defend’ ourselves from the attacker’s ‘attack’. The attack seems larger than life, faster than fast, we get excited and when we get excited, we go into duality mode, fight/flight. We get tunnel vision, we focused on the things that are often the thing we should least focus on.

Fixation is the…

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