Introducing myself

Hello, I started training in martial arts relatively late in life.  Initially I trained in the Scandinavian system Stav  but due to the distance from where I lived to the classes it meant regular training was not possible.  A chance remark saw me becoming involved in Japanese Jiu Jitsu It was an instant love affair!  I seemed to spend more evenings on the mat than off.  I was fortunate to have some wonderful instructors and training partners.

But in 2013 I moved and this meant I was unable to continue training full time – history was repeating itself.  By this stage I was very much hooked on Japanese martial arts, so I took up Aikido Progress is slow (I think the Jitsu thought patterns interfere) but the people I train with seem endlessly patient.

Many blogs on martial arts are written by people who have long trained in their area.  I just wanted to put out some words from:

  • Someone who is still a lower grade.
  • Who occasionally still does muddle their left and right when instructions are barked at them.  Yes, that was you once.
  • Who can only count to six in Japanese (well, I’ve never met a 7th Dan, so there has been no need yet).
  • Whose gi comes undone only when the senior instructor comes over.

No doubt those with more experience will nod and try to resist rolling their eyes when they read some of my ramblings.  But hey, we are all beginners at some point and perhaps it is good to be reminded of how those nervous novices or slightly more cocky lower grades think.

Mae-no-sen:  Taking the initiative or attacking/defending before your opponent thinks about it.  Just because beginners don’t normally write blogs, it doesn’t mean we lack thoughts on the way we are developing!

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